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Canon Snappy LX - A Fun, Fixed-Focus Point and Shoot

Last year I purchased the Canon Snappy LX point and shoot camera for 99 cents plus shipping on eBay. Production of the camera began in 1992, and it's still a great camera today. It has a very large viewfinder, a fixed-focus, and a fairly effective flash. Personally I prefer a fixed-focus point and shoot camera, I find I get better, clearer results. Maybe that is just me?

The camera is super easy to operate. Sliding the lens cover open turns it on. There is a timer feature, and the flash can be turned off. However, I usually just "point and shoot." So far, I have only used this camera with black and white, mostly in snowy winters. I like the contrast and clarity it produces. It tucks well into my jacket breast pocket too!

Here are some sample shots taken with Arista Edu 400 (except the tree which is Ilford Xp2), the film I used to shoot in high school and which is still an affordable favorite. I will note that in bright scenes I find the camera does produce some significant vignetting. However, the effect can be nice.

What do you think of the Canon Snappy LX? I am a fan, and it's one of few point and shoots I pull out for trips or weather that might damage my more expensive cameras. Beyond worth the 99 cents!

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