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The Gold Standard: Testing Kodak Gold 200 in my Holga

When I heard Kodak was coming out with a medium format Kodak Gold 200 film, of course I had to preorder it. However, the timing coincided with my exam period in law school, then segued into the start of a busy summer. I only just got to experiment with the film this 4th of July weekend. The verdict - it's the perfect film for summer fun, but I still have to get used to the 200 iso with my Holga 120n.

Doesn't the above image look beachy? The tones of the 120mm version of this film seem almost as saturated as the 35 mm. Personally, I notice a bit less saturation, which could be great for portraits. It's possible, also, that my Holga's plastic lens just does not produce great color! But the warmth is undeniable.

In bright sunlight, the film performs well with my standard Holga settings (cloudy aperture). Again, I think the colors almost seem to be a bit yellow-tinted, however this could just be using it with the Holga. I will try some in my Rolleiflex when I am back in the city.

I wanted to try some double exposures (or triple, as above). It came out ok, poor (AKA accidental) composition aside. All three were shot in bright sun. The ones I tried in 4 pm shade, however, came out way too dark.

The iconic Eastman House in Rochester, NY photographed on Kodak's newest film. I love the varying sharpness and distortion of the plastic lens. Here the color appears less yellow-tinted and more in line with the 35 mm stock.

My favorite, beautiful beach. In short, I am excited by the Kodak Gold 200 medium format film. I think there's a lot to be done with it. Personally, I find landscapes rather uninspiring, but we shoot what we have around. My favorite shot from the role was the self-portrait in the glass wall of the George Eastman Museum with my boyfriend on our bike ride. This fall, I definitely plan to pop a roll into my Rolleiflex and shoot some portraits in Prospect Park. Until then, I hope these sample images and comments are helpful. <3

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