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Canon Sure Shot Z155 - A Great Point and Shoot Camera

I love thrifting. As a kid, I would go with my mom and grandma. We would slowly page through each rack of clothes, even the sizes that were much too large. Grandma always said that you never knew who had stashed a great find there or perhaps if something was misplaced. Nowadays, I go straight to the electronics section to look for cameras.

I've had some great successes. A Polaroid Sx-70 and vintage Kodak Brownies among others. But typically I find point and shoots from the 1980s and 1990s. I take them home to test, usually with consumer film like Kodak Gold 200 ( as seen above). I then go on camera walks around my city with my adorable basset named Molly.

I discovered the Canon Sure Shot Z155 at a local Savers for about $5. As the last generation of point and shoot film cameras, it has more options than most and a sleeker construction. It looks like the early digital cameras which soon replaced it after its release in 2003.

There are exposure compensation options that you can save as your personal settings. There are also portrait, macro, and night modes. The camera is compact and feels sleek, unlike some of the bulkier plastic models of the proceeding two decades. Others of the Sure Shot family do not look as nice, in my opinion.

The lens is super sharp when used at its widest. Like most point and shoots, you lose clarity when you zoom. I almost never do therefore and just treat it as a fixed focal length lens. Of all the point and shoots I have found, this one I will not be reselling! I love the look, size, and sharpness. Scroll down for some more examples taken on this little camera. First two images in post are Kodak Gold 200, final three are Kodak Portra 400.

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